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JailPrison1 Server Info and Voting Page

IP jailprison1.minehut.gg
Players 0/0
Uptime 100%
Rank 446
Votes 0
Owner Midafamily80
Status offline
Last Check 2 minute(s) ago
Country United Kingdom
Version 1.20
Types ParkourPrisonPvPRoleplayTownyNon-P2WNewFunCoolEconomy


Welcome to the notorious JailPrison1, where the echoes of despair and the clanking of iron bars fill the air. Prepare yourself for an immersive and thrilling journey into the depths of incarceration. As you step foot into this unforgiving world, you'll find yourself surrounded by towering cell blocks, guarded by watchful eyes and a merciless regime.

Begin your journey as a humble inmate, stripped of your freedom and left to navigate the treacherous confines of JailPrison1. The path to redemption lies before you, but it won't be easy. You'll face a series of challenges, trials, and tribulations that will test your resilience, wit, and determination.

Engage in a wide range of activities designed to simulate the harsh realities of prison life. Work in the mines, breaking rocks and gathering resources to earn your keep. Participate in grueling labor tasks, such as farming, crafting, and repairing prison infrastructure. These activities not only serve as a means of survival but also as a way to earn valuable currency and reputation within the prison community.

But beware, for JailPrison1 is a breeding ground for rivalries, alliances, and power struggles. In this cutthroat environment, you must navigate the intricate web of inmate politics. Form alliances with fellow prisoners, join gangs, or go solo as you strive to rise through the ranks and establish your dominance. But be cautious, as betrayal and deception lurk around every corner.

Interact with a diverse cast of characters, each with their own stories and motivations. Forge friendships, build rivalries, and uncover secrets that may hold the key to your ultimate escape. Engage in roleplay with other players, creating intricate narratives and shaping the destiny of your character within the prison walls.

JailPrison1 offers a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience, with regular events, competitions, and challenges to keep you on your toes. Participate in thrilling PvP battles, where inmates clash, guards enforc

What is the JailPrison1 server IP?

The server IP address for JailPrison1 is jailprison1.minehut.gg. This is the most recent, accurate, and working IP address you will find as of 2023. To find more information on JailPrison1 such as the version and website, please refer to the sidebar to the left.

How do I play on the JailPrison1 Minecraft server?

You can play on the JailPrison1 server by following these steps:

First, open the Minecraft launcher, login to your account, and then click play.

Next, click "Multiplayer" and now click "Add" on the bottom of the page.

Then, enter the following server address: "jailprison1.minehut.gg" in the "Server Address" part and save it by clicking "Done".

Finally, click on the Server that you have added and click "Connect".

What version does the JailPrison1 server support?

The JailPrison1 Minecraft server supports the following Minecraft versions: 1.20, you can also use older or lower versions to connect and play on the server.

What is JailPrison1 minecraft server location?

The JailPrison1 Minecraft server is located in United Kingdom but is accessible worldwide with a great connection.

What gamemodes can I play on the JailPrison1 server?

On the JailPrison1 Minecraft server, you can play the following supported gamemodes: Parkour, Prison, PvP, Roleplay, Towny, Non-P2W, New, Fun, Cool, Economy, come check it out!


good server i like it very much and i play often
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