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Best Minecraft Pixelmon Servers

Find the Best Pixelmon Servers on Minecraft in our collection of servers. Pixelmon is a Minecraft Mod that allows users to catch Pokemon and battle with them against Pixelmon Gyms and other players. Join the world of Pokemon merged with the world of Minecraft using this mod. These pixelmon servers are ranked by votes to determine the popularity of each server, take your pick and go on your Pokemon Journey. This list also includes Pixelmon 1.16 along with the older Pixelmon 1.12.2 servers.

Rank Name Server IP
InsanityCraft Pixelmon


Players: 156/400
StickyMC - Survival Towny

Friendly Towny server with an awesome community!

Players: 62/350

We are a Minecraft server dedicated to our community! Come on down to experience custom, community-influenced fun in the following gamemodes: - Skyblock - Towny - Survival - Creative - Prison - Pixelmon Version: 1.8 to 1.19

Players: 112/2022
FadeCloud Minecraft Pixelmon server
Players: 372/2000
Complex Gaming

Welcome to Complex-Gaming! We currently offer a wide selection of servers ranging from Pixelmon, Skyblock, Survival, Factions, Creative, Prison and more! Please read below for more information. Pixelmon Reforged: (Latest Version : Adds over 850 Pokemon to Minecraft) This version of Pixelmon runs on

Players: 834/835
Players: 109/500
AnubisMC Pixelmon server
Players: 277/1500
Players: 56/1000
Players: 40/1000
MC PGST Pixelmon
Players: 48/500
Oasis Network
Players: 10/500
Players: 12/2022
Pixelmon Realms Minecraft Pixelmon server
Players: 207/999
Players: 88/89
Players: 10/2000
PokeSaga Pixelmon server
Players: 298/1
Players: 36/300
Players: 69/1400
MinecraftAxolotlSMP Pixelmon
Players: 0/0

Welcome to PikaCraft Unlike other servers which try to draw in every player possible in order to feed their need to make money on their P2W servers, our goal at PikaCraft is to treat those looking for a server to relax. Are you a builder looking for great scenery to build that viking village or mode

Players: 0/20
Players: 194/250
VejaySMP Minecraft Pixelmon server

Join people join Hasidic Dubai coco

Players: 0/0
g9 playerz
Players: 0/0
g9 playerz only
Players: 0/0
saadib123 Pixelmon server
Players: 0/0

Please join the server please I be in to you well love it I no that bye

Players: 0/0

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goooooood serrver



very detailed and cool server too play with friends



i really like this server recommend.



Rude staff



werry good server



best server


What is Pixelmon Reforged?

Pixelmon Reforged (or PR for short) is a standalone fan-made Minecraft mod that brings pokemon to Minecraft. The team started with adding a few Pokemon and slowly expanded over time. There are currently 621 Pokemon that can be found in our Survival and Creative modes, including Mega Evolutions, Alolan Forms, and Cross-Generation evolutions. It also features various mechanics such as leveling up your Pokemon by battling wild Pokemon, eggs which can hatch into any Pokemon you’ve seen before, trainer battles with gym leaders who use their signature teams to battle you, and raids of other trainers’ gyms where they may have rare or legendary pokemon that aren’t normally available in game! That is what makes Pixelmon so great - not only do you get to explore a new world filled with plenty of natural resources and dangers but there is something else out there too: Pokemon! You never know when they will attack so you better prepare yourself... or befriend them.

How to download and install Pixelmon 2022?

You can download Pixelmon in a few easy steps: The first step is to go to the Pixelmon Reforged website at reforged.gg. The next step is to click download on the latest Pixelmon version which is 8.3.6. Then you can install it completely by following the launcher instructions after downloading it. This can also be done on technicpack by searching Pixelmon in the modpack search bar. Once you have it installed, you will now be able to play Pokemon in Minecraft.

Technic launcher also has many versions to download. This method will only work on PC and Linux (Mac). As mentioned before, you must have already installed Java 8 64bit version. To install Minecraft pixelmon modpack on a Technic launcher use following steps: 1. Type pixelmon in search bar 2. Pick pixelmon modpack for technic launcher 3. Click Install 4. Hit ok 5. You’re done! Now you can play pixelmon using your downloaded technic launcher with your friends!

How do you join a Pixelmon server on PC?

On a Windows-based PC, open Minecraft and then choose Multiplayer from the launcher. A list of online servers will appear in which you can select Pixelmon. On a Mac, open Minecraft and select Multiplayer from your game menu. In either case, you will be prompted to enter a unique code before being able to join an existing server—or if there are no existing servers, you will have to create one yourself. As with other servers on both platforms, only Minecraft purchased through Mojang or approved distributors (including those who sell modded versions) is compatible with Pixelmon. If you are new to Pixelmon, then you can search for a pixelmon server of your choice on this listing! Simply look around for one that you like, and join it using the join address.

How to get Pixelmon?

There are many ways to catch Pokemon in Minecraft. You can trade with other players, have an egg on you and it will hatch when you’re not looking, or use a spawn egg on a horse. But one of our favorite methods is to catch them yourself. The nice thing about pixelmon mod is that it adds a series of fishing rods that you can craft using materials in Minecraft (wood and wool mostly) and each rod has different powers like to attract certain kinds of Pokemon or fish for them for longer durations before they go away again. This allows you to fish up enough pokemon for a complete party, if you want!

After collecting some pokemon from pixelmon in minecraft, what do I do next? First, make sure you have plenty of space for your new little friends. Most pokemon minecraft adds end up having as much or more needs than a real-life cat: They need food, water and sleep at regular intervals throughout the day just like any other creature. You will also need to move around some blocks on your own part so they can walk around their habitat (once you get better at crafting).

Finally there is equipment. In order to catch pokemon after using pixelmon mod on minecraft, you’ll need pokeballs. Pokeballs can be crafted like other items in Pixelmon... but instead of requiring wood, glass and glowstone -all it takes is a bit of grass(sounds funny right?). Once you have all your Pokeball ingredients ready, place them on a hotbar slot and then select which type of Pokeball you would like to create by left clicking while holding down ctrl key/the key we call alternate in English... Then position yourself close to where Pikachu or Eevee should appear.. once everything falls into place left click again.

What version is Pixelmon?

There are currently two versions of pixelmon: Pixelmon 1.12.2 and Pixelmon 1.16. Pixelmon 1.16 is the newer version of pixelmon that is available and has access to the new blocks and items that are available in Minecraft version 1.16. Pixelmon 1.16 also is being actively maintained and future additions are most likely going to appear in this version than the older 1.12 verison.