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Best Towny Minecraft Servers 2023

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Best Minecraft Towny Servers

Are you searching for the best Towny Minecraft servers in 2023? We've got you covered! Our collection is packed with top-notch servers ready for your next game. Using our simple tags and sorting system, find Towny servers that fit your style. Click on any server to learn more about it. If you find a favorite, show your support by voting for it in our rankings!

Rank Name Server IP
InsanityCraft [1.20] Towny


Players: 1350/2000

[SURVIVAL SMP] [SKYBLOCK] [FACTIONS] ArgonNetwork is a popular multi-gamemode network that is made by the community, for the community. Our gamemodes are all fully custom and designed to give you the best, no lag, experience around!

Players: 1360/2000
TulipSurvival 1.20

[1.19.3] Come join our welcoming community!

Players: 24/1000
CraftYourTown Minecraft Towny server

A Minecraft Java Network like no other. Unique, competitive and challenging. Build, create towns, make shops, explore our dungeons, create machinery and explore our server, there's something for everyone! Come see our fully player-based economy with unique player shops in action! Trade with each oth

Players: 34/35

❤️ MINESEED - Chill 1.20 SMP and Lifesteal ❤️ IP: menu.mineseed.org 🌱 Discord: discord.gg/mineseed 🌈 Join today for a free rank on the SMP! ABOUT US: Free Ranks ⭐️ Dungeons ⭐️Warps ⭐️ Vanilla Experience ⭐️ Grief Protected ⭐️ Player Warps ⭐️ And more...

Players: 124/1000

1.20 Survival, OneBlock, Earth, Anarchy, Hardcore, LifeSteal, SkyBlock, SMP and more!

Players: 42/500
EcoSMP Towny server

Cross-Platform | Economy | Towns/Nations | In-Game Ranks | Player Shops | Custom Jobs | Free /Fly | Custom Items | Semi Vanilla | Discord Integration

Players: 0/0
Ascendant Survival

❤️ No P2W ⭐️ Cross-Play 🥰 Dungeons ⭐️ Super Chill ❤️

Players: 4/100

Pixelmon | Towny | Skyblock play.journeygaming.com

Players: 2/2022
Larteno Towny Towny
Players: 3/50
Pure Vanilla Survival 🍃

PureVanilla is a survival multiplayer server (SMP) with two gamemodes, fully vanilla, and economy. You'll find amazing people on both gamemodes.

Players: 6/7

Erforsche die riesige Welt, erlerne eine Klasse, gründe eine Stadt oder gehe auf Abenteuerreise und loote Dungeons! Unser Team und eine reife Community begrüßen dich!

Players: 0/2023
The Bonfire Minecraft Towny server

The Bonfire – A unique survival experience.

Players: 0/1
InfiniteMC - Towny Survival

Java / Bedrock compatibility Keep inventory Slimefun Towny Player shops / Player warps / Player auctions Casino Free rankups Free daily crates for voting Competitive economy

Players: 1/100

We have brand new Towny SMP and Pixelmon servers, join today to take part in the fun!

Players: 15/1000
WildWood SMP Towny server
Players: 107/400

MMO Survival. Magic, Towns, Economy. PVE. Custom Items, Mobs and Biomes. Dungeons and bosses

Players: 0/50

Welcome to MinePixel a super friendly 1.20 Survival SMP! We are a laid back community with anti-grief land claiming, active staff and much more!

Players: 12/2023

Servidor survival custom townys crafteos nuevos , jefes , trabajos y mucho mas

Players: 0/30

Welcome to JailPrison1, a place where the toughest criminals are locked away. Form alliances, join gangs, or go solo as you navigate the intricate web of inmate politics. Engage in PvP battles, and strive for dominance. JailPrison1 offers a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience with regular give

Players: 0/0

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Learn About The Best Towny Minecraft Servers

Game Modes: / / / / / / / / /

[1.20] InsanityCraft is one of the oldest networks in the world with the most popular game modes! With over a decade of experience in designing the ultimate servers for our players, you can enjoy • SURVIVAL • SKYBLOCK • FACTIONS • and MUCH more with our amazing growing community of the best players!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.19 server using this IP: menu.insanitycraft.net

Game Modes: / / / / /

[SURVIVAL SMP] [SKYBLOCK] [FACTIONS] ArgonNetwork is a popular multi-gamemode network that is made by the community, for the community. Our gamemodes are all fully custom and designed to give you the best, no lag, experience around!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.20 server using this IP: lobby.argonnetwork.tech

Game Modes: / / / / / / / / /

TulipSurvival is a super chill 1.19.3 Minecraft Survival server with quality of life plugins to make your experience better. You can play with your friends, make land claims, create towns, make player warps, buy & sell items to others and more..!

Here's a few things we offer: Custom items, Player warps, Player economy, Grief prevention, Voting ranks...

We do our best to keep this community a friendly place. If you're looking for a fun Survival server, then gives ours a shot :)
Hope to see you soon!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.19 server using this IP: mc.tulipsurvival.com

Game Modes: / / / / / / / / /

🏰 CraftYourTown: Build Your Dream World! 🏰

Welcome to CraftYourTown, the best Minecraft server for adventurers like you! 🌟 Join our friendly community of builders, crafters, and explorers, and let your creativity soar! 🎮 Design amazing towns, embark on epic quests, and discover hidden treasures with your new pals. 🌈 With lag-free gameplay, awesome events, and regular updates, there's always something exciting to do! 🎉 So grab your pickaxe, put on your adventurer's hat, and come create magic at CraftYourTown! 💫🏡🌄

👉 Why Join?
🌟 Creative builders, crafters, and explorers, welcome!
🎮 Endless adventures and epic quests await you!
👼 Keep Inventory is enabled, no losing all your progress!
🌈 Design incredible towns and explore with friends!
⚔️ Battle custom mobs and unlock unique gadgets!
🧲 Custom tools and stylish cosmetic skins to stand out!
👑 Be part of a community where your voice matters!
🙌 Join weekly minigame events for awesome rewards!
💬 Make new friends!

👉 Join CraftYourTown now and let the adventures begin! 👈

Connect to this Minecraft 1.20 server using this IP: menu.cyt.gg

Game Modes: / / / / / / / / /

More things we offer:
➟ Grief protected
➟ Vanilla experience
➟ Chill community
➟ Player warps
➟ Player economy
➟ Free voting ranks
➟ and a lot more!

🌱 IP: menu.mineseed.org
🌱Discord: discord.gg/mineseed

❤️ We hope to see you join the SMP! ❤️

Connect to this Minecraft 1.19 server using this IP: menu.mineseed.org

Game Modes: / / / / / / / / /

Twenture is the first Earth, OneBlock, LifeSteal and Survival Server set in version 1.20 supporting all Bedrock Devices and Java. Get ready to make memories that you will never forget and play on one of the fastest growing SMP's in the world! IP: mc.twenture.net

Connect to this Minecraft 1.20 server using this IP: mc.twenture.net

Game Modes: / / / / / / / /

EcoSMP is a cross-play Minecraft Towns and Nations server that is semi-vanilla. It offers a lot, such as an economy system, player shops, jobs, custom items, and in-game ranks. The server also allows players to fly for free using the /fly command and features Discord integration. What more could you ask for? So stop thinking about joining, and do it already!

Connect to this Minecraft 1.20 server using this IP: play.ecosmp.net

Game Modes: / / / / / / / / /

Bedrock and Java Cross-Play!

• Proudly NON-Pay-to-Win
• LGBTQ+ Ally

Ascendant Survival is a friendly, super chill and safe, survival server. Enjoy ZERO LAG, custom items, dungeons, mini-games, and so much more! Play with friends, venture solo, form towns and nations, create shops, build epic projects, compete against others on leaderboards and develop lasting friendships!

Bedrock IP: AscendantSurvival.com
Port: 8153

Connect to this Minecraft 1.19 server using this IP: AscendantSurvival.com

Game Modes: / / / / / / / / /

We are a Minecraft server dedicated to our community!

Come on down to experience custom, community-influenced fun in the following gamemodes:
- Skyblock
- Towny & Survival
- Creative
- Prison
- Pixelmon

Version: 1.8 -> 1.19.3

Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using this IP: play.journeygaming.com

Game Modes: / / / / /

We are a Towny Server full of fun and exciting features! - MCMMO - Jobs - Autorank - AuctionHouse. Our goal is to remain as Vanilla as possible. This means no custom enchantments or any extra items that are not a part of Vanilla Minecraft. We are not an unpolished mix of plugins, hastily slapped together. Instead, this is a survival server offering a clean experience and gameplay.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.20 server using this IP: play.larteno.com

Game Modes: / / / / / /

We are a Minecraft survival multiplayer server (SMP). In our vanilla server, you'll be able to enjoy Minecraft without any modifications, without money, without any extra commands. We event left the chat untouched! We can safely claim that you won't find any other Minecraft server more vanilla than ours. You can not claim any builds here, and we consider ourselves a competitive server, but you'll find plenty of people who will help you get started. We are not 2b2t, so griefing for the sake of destroying is not allowed. You'll have fun playing this game mode, getting to know new amazing people, create your little town or base, and just enjoying the game as you used to do when you created that server using hamachi when you were 9 🥲. You can't teleport to players, this is a vanilla server! And we don't have ranks or vote rewards either!

In our economy server, you'll find a completely unique economy system. Here, you'll be delighted with money appearing when breaking ores, chopping down trees, harvesting crops, and more! They even make a satisfying "Kaching!" sound when you get them 🥹, beautiful. You can claim your builds and safely play with friends without having the risk of any strangers breaking into your precious house.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.20 server using this IP: play.purevanilla.co

Game Modes: / / / / / /

Deine Reise beginnt in Hochfels, einem entlegenen Bergdorf. Die Bewohner helfen dir, indem sie dir kurz das Wichtigste erklären und dich mit dem Heißluftballon in die Hauptstadt Iakania schicken. Dort steht dir die ganze Welt offen: Lasse dich in einer der vielen spielergebauten Städte nieder und errichte dort dein Zuhause. Deine Mitbewohner helfen dir und spenden dir Items. Oder wage dich in die Wildnis und mache dir selbst die Natur untertan. Erforsche unsere 120,000 Blöcke weite Custom Welt, kartiere unbekanntes Gelände und loote hunderte Dungeons! Wähle eine Klasse und einen Beruf, wodurch du nützliche Fähigkeiten erlangst. Oder verfolge spannende Questreihen, durch die du weitere Geheimnisse der Welt von Neostralis lüften kannst.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.20 server using this IP: mine.neostralis.net

Game Modes: / / / / /

What do we have to offer?
🪑 Furniture Shop (Massive selection)
🌟 Custom Enchantments
👔 Balanced Jobs
🐑 Mob Wrangling System
🗓️ Seasonal Server-wide Events
🏞️ Preview our whole map live in-browser (Virtual Map)
💽 Custom Music / Custom CD's
⚡ Slimefun (A mod-like experience, no downloads necessary!)
🏷️ Unique Monthly Tag Prefix System
✌ Community Orientated
🌐 A complete wiki with all the information you desire!
💵 Player-run Economy, no admin shop!
⚔️ Custom Items, Bosses, Vehicles, and more
🗿 Head Shop (All heads available from the start!)
👹 Boss fights with unique rare loot
🌌 Player Warp System
🤝🏼 Trade System & Auction House
🛠️ Custom Texture/Resource Pack
💍 Custom Marriage System
🎰 Custom Lottery
🛵 Vehicle Rental Shop
💲 Custom Bank with interest (Passive income)
⚖️ Balanced Economy
🐾 Pet/Mount Shop
🛍️ Player-run Chest Shops

mc.the-bonfire.net – IP Address
https://the-bonfire.net – Website
https://the-bonfire.net/wiki-1 – Wiki
https://the-bonfire.net/discord – Discord

Connect to this Minecraft 1.20 server using this IP: mc.the-bonfire.net

Game Modes: / / / / / / /

Introducing InfiniteMC

InfiniteMC is a fun community server, dedicated to providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all sorts of players! We're certain you'll enjoy your time playing with us!

Java / Bedrock compatibility

Keep inventory
Pyromining & Pyrofishing
Player shops / Player warps / Player auctions
Rank up with in-game money
Free daily crates for voting
Competitive economy

Connect to this Minecraft 1.19 server using this IP: play.infinitemc.net

Game Modes: / / / / / / / / /

We have brand new Towny SMP and Pixelmon servers, join today to take part in the fun!

This server includes custom Worlds, Towny, Player Shops, Quests, Player Warps, Custom Plugins, Boss Events, Custom Items, and more!

If you want more information regarding NobleRealms just join our discord channel!


Come have fun with us on the server join now!
IP: play.noblerealms.com

Connect to this Minecraft 1.19 server using this IP: join.noblerealms.com

Game Modes: / / / / / / / /

WildWood SMP is a brand new SMP-based server! We plan on becoming a one-stop network for all and any SMP gameplay desires! Here's what we've got so far:

• Lifesteal SMP - Build your base, kill players and collect their hearts! But don't run out of hearts, or you'll be punished!

• Simple SMP - Easy, Simple, and relaxing Minecraft SMP!

• Earth SMP (COMING SOON) - Survival Minecraft but with a map that mirrors planet Earth!

We allow both Java and Bedrock players to join!

IP: wildwoodsmp.com
Bedrock Port: 19132

Connect to this Minecraft 1.19 server using this IP: wildwoodsmp.com

Game Modes: / / / / / / / / /

▣ MMO Survival with a small Non Toxic and Welcoming community. - Fresh world just created
▣ Dozens of Custom Items, Blocks, Mobs and Bosses. Aspects of game play inspired by Terraria.
▣ Open world survival. Build freely in the wilderness with fancy new biomes.

▣ Choose a class. Each with unique skills. -- MMORPG Style Skills and Levelling.
▣ Explore dungeons for special loot, experience and exclusive gear.-
▣ New textures and models for an immersive experience.

▣ No mods needed. Just accept the resource pack when you connect!
▣ Create factories to automatically produce resources. Take part in the economy.
▣ Regular updates and new content. We like to hear the community's feedback and ideas!

▣ No Griefing or Stealing. Such actions can easily be undone.
▣ Absolutely no P2W. Everything is 100% free for everyone.
▣ Realmportal opened in September 2013 and has Experienced admins and mature staff.

▣ If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Connect to this Minecraft 1.19 server using this IP: realmportalmc.xyz

Game Modes: / / / / / / / / /

Welcome to MinePixel a super friendly 1.20 Survival SMP! We are a laid back community with anti-grief land claiming, active staff and much more!

💎 Economy
⛏️ Jobs
🌟 Land claiming
🪄 Custom items
🪑 Furniture

Connect to this Minecraft 1.20 server using this IP: menu.minepixel.org

Game Modes: / / / /

Connect to this Minecraft 1.18 server using this IP: mc.ecuador.adkanz.com

Game Modes: / / / / / / / / /

Welcome to the notorious JailPrison1, where the echoes of despair and the clanking of iron bars fill the air. Prepare yourself for an immersive and thrilling journey into the depths of incarceration. As you step foot into this unforgiving world, you'll find yourself surrounded by towering cell blocks, guarded by watchful eyes and a merciless regime.

Begin your journey as a humble inmate, stripped of your freedom and left to navigate the treacherous confines of JailPrison1. The path to redemption lies before you, but it won't be easy. You'll face a series of challenges, trials, and tribulations that will test your resilience, wit, and determination.

Engage in a wide range of activities designed to simulate the harsh realities of prison life. Work in the mines, breaking rocks and gathering resources to earn your keep. Participate in grueling labor tasks, such as farming, crafting, and repairing prison infrastructure. These activities not only serve as a means of survival but also as a way to earn valuable currency and reputation within the prison community.

But beware, for JailPrison1 is a breeding ground for rivalries, alliances, and power struggles. In this cutthroat environment, you must navigate the intricate web of inmate politics. Form alliances with fellow prisoners, join gangs, or go solo as you strive to rise through the ranks and establish your dominance. But be cautious, as betrayal and deception lurk around every corner.

Interact with a diverse cast of characters, each with their own stories and motivations. Forge friendships, build rivalries, and uncover secrets that may hold the key to your ultimate escape. Engage in roleplay with other players, creating intricate narratives and shaping the destiny of your character within the prison walls.

JailPrison1 offers a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience, with regular events, competitions, and challenges to keep you on your toes. Participate in thrilling PvP battles, where inmates clash, guards enforc

Connect to this Minecraft 1.20 server using this IP: jailprison1.minehut.gg